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I am located in Eugene, but can work virtually.  I am always looking to connect and network with others interested in my services.  I am especially interested in working with  professionals in the health and wellness fields as well as those who work with children in schools, daycare, and sports and hobbies.  I am willing to travel if services are requested.


L.E.A.N. workshops are a great way to learn in a group setting with others who, like you, are wanting to learn about wellness.  It's a great way to meet others like you, who want to make changes for their family's health.  You will never feel alone in these workshops, as there are others like you struggling with making these changes, especially with their children.  These workshops are not only educational, but fun and interactive and you will leave feeling like a new person, ready to make better decisions for you and/or your family.  You will be excited to share what you learned with your friends and family.

Dr. Sears. L.E.A.N. Workshops provide:

  • Fun and easy-to-implement tools and information

  • Sustainable strategies that help families develop a lifetime of health

  • Recipes that make nutrition easy, fun, and affordable

  • Innovative ideas and activities that keep families moving

  • Simple and time saving ideas to make a parent's life easier

  • Fun and interactive activities

Participants Learn:

  • Which foods are best for growing kids

  • What is traffic light eating

  • Easy label reading techniques

  • Which type of fat our bodies need most

  • How to make easy and delicious foods kids love

  • Which ingredients in food can affect behavior, sleep, concentration, and energy level

  • What food manufacturers ARE NOT telling you and don't want you to know

  • What might be making you and your child(ren) sick



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This L.E.A.N. Workshop for kids teaches ages 4  to 12 about the L.E.A.N. model for healthy living using fun, educational  games and  activities to  help kids make healthier  decisions everyday!  Classes will be split into two groups. Ages 4 through 7 will have a 45 minute class which focuses primarily on nutrition and exercise. The class for ages 8 through 12 will be 90 minutes and while main focus will primarily be nutrition and exercise, we will also delve into sleep and use of technology.

Healthy Kidz

This 45 minute workshop introduces you to Dr Sears' L.E.A.N. Model for healthy living.  It will teach you about traffic light eating, label reading, the D's and a little bit of science regarding your brain and how it reacts to different food. There will also be fun activities for you and materials you can take home.


L.E.A.N. Start is a series of six one-hour nutrition education classes for parents of children ages 3-12.  

When you take a L.E.A.N. Start class, you are only one step away from receiving valuable tools that will help you learn and practice real solutions for better health and some of the most common problems faced by families today.  Each class will focus on a different topic and you will leave more empowered and confident about getting your family's health back on track.

Being a parent, teacher, caregiver, or even a TEEN, your time is already limited everyday.  Thanks to L.E.A.N. Essentials, time isn't a factor!  This one-time, two-hour, short introductory class will give you the tools and resources to help you:

  • Learn easy, fast, healthy, and delicious recipes today

  • Understand why breakfast is so important

  • Why you need to know the four pillars of health

  • Understand the skinny on fat, and

  • How playing kids make growing kids