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I am located in Eugene, but can work virtually.  I am always looking to connect and network with others interested in my services.  I am especially interested in working with  professionals in the health and wellness fields as well as those who work with children in schools, daycare, and sports and hobbies.  I am willing to travel if services are requested.


If you don't think you can make time for the L.E.A.N. Start workshop, you can still learn a lot in a two-hour workshop.  Dr Sears' L.E.A.N. Essentials Workshop is a fun, interactive educational class designed for the busy parent or caregiver who has limited time or is looking for a brief introduction to health and wellness.  The workshop is designed to be a fast-paced introduction to wellness and covers eight key nutrition and exercise topics, including:

  1. How to choose quality, affordable foods

  2. Benefits of a brainy breakfast

  3. Identifying good vs bad fats

  4. How much protein children and adults need

  5. Creative activities to get the who family moving

  6. The best beverages to drink

  7. Which ingredients to avoid

  8. Labeling loopholes, myth busters, and more!

L.E.A.N. Essentials workshops are two hours long and include direct instruction, group participation, hands-on activities, short video segments, workbooks, and Q&A sessions.  Each participant will receive a L.E.A.N. Essentials workbook that contains nutrition information, fill in the blank areas, and delicious, simple recipes.

This short, educational, and entertaining workshop is appropriate for many audiences and situations including:

  • Monthly Organization Meetings (i.e. girl scouts or community clubs)

  • Lunch and Learns at companies

  • Teacher in service workshops

  • School fundraisers

  • Religious camps and retreats

  • and more!


At the workshop, you will have the opportunity to purchase one or more copies of the L.E.A.N. Start Activity Book. This 22-page activity book is designed for parents to use with their children at home. It is filled with fun and interactive activities for young children.  It includes coloring pages, games, and activities, to help you teach your child about good nutrition and important lifestyle choices.  Many parents feel a lot more confident about the changes they are making when they purchase this book and get their kids involved and happy to help mommy and daddy help them be healthier. 

To schedule a L.E.A.N. Essentials workshop, please contact me via e-mail so I can send you a list of classes available to meet your schedule. If you would like to purchase multiple copies of the activity book, please let me know ahead of time, so I can be sure to have the for you at the meeting. Payment will be due at time of order.