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I am located in Eugene, but can work virtually.  I am always looking to connect and network with others interested in my services.  I am especially interested in working with  professionals in the health and wellness fields as well as those who work with children in schools, daycare, and sports and hobbies.  I am willing to travel if services are requested.


While I studied about wellness and holistic healing before I decided to make it my career, I decided to pursue my training under the teachings of the man who started it all for me; someone who also had his own struggles that led him to his own research and practice as a doctor, William Sears, MD.  As a child he struggled with obesity which led to a colon cancer diagnosis as an adult.  He took a lot of time to dig deeper into the root of health issues, has been practicing medicine for  over forty years, and has authored over forty-five books related to health from birth to prime years. His sons are all practicing physicians as well, with Dr. Jim Sears being most known for his time as the head Pediatrician on NBC daytime's hit "The Doctors."  Dr Sears believe that there are four key elements to being healthy.......


The L.E.A.N. method of wellness teaches that being lean is not about being thin. It is about how lifestyle, exercise, attitude, and nutrition positively or negatively affect behavior, learning, mentality, energy levels, attention, immunity, and much more.  After my own wellness journey, I definately agree that each of these elements are important in healthy living.    Let me elaborate on each of them to help you better understand why they are  so important to a long, healthy life.....


Your lifestyle refers to the way you live your life regularly.  If you smoke, drink excessively, eat unhealthy, don't get a lot of exercise, spend a lot of time 'plugged-in', have little-to-no spiritual/ mind balance, feel alone, unloved, and are too serious, you probably find yourself getting sick often, especially in winter. Love and laughter are important in your lifestyle as it creates a positive mindset, thus also creating positive chemical reaction and healthy cells. 

Without enough love and laughter in your home-life, work place, relationships, habits, or activities, some changes are needed. For some people, change can be very  difficult, since the body and the mind often resist change.  For this reason, it is important to remind ourselves that we are talking about making change for the better, not for the worse, especially any time we feel we are failing or falling behind.


One of the most popular and healthiest ways to stay healthy is by exercising. The  more muscle you have, the more fat calories you can burn.  If you wanna lose it, you gotta move it.  The key to getting to and staying lean is to set your fat point to fat-burn rather than fat-store, by eating right and exercising more.

 Also, regular, moderate exercise increases the white cell count, improving the body's ability to fight off infection.  Lastly, exercise is not only good for the body; it's great for the brain.  The brain is an oxygen-hog, which is why it takes 25 percent of the blood that heart pumps (more in children).  Exercise delivers more oxygen to the brain and helps all tissue, especially brain tissue, use oxygen more efficiently, which translates into better thinking.


Did you know that your attitude determines your overall health?  Well it does. People who get sick often are more likely to be people who are stressed, anxious, or depressed. Did you also know that the #1 New Years Resolutions fail is because of their attitude?  Having the right attitude means to be committed to making the change and not letting anything or anyone stop you.

Your attitude is the most important part of your overall health. The brain is your most powerful organ, and it controls everything we do, every decision we make.  Without a positive attitude,  your brain will give in to your body protesting change.  It also controls how we live, how we want to move, what we choose to consume, and overall what we decide on a daily basis.  Anytime you make a change you notice a difference in how you feel and sometimes it's easy to give in  because you feel weaker and more frustrated than you thought you would.  Most changes are noticed within weeks, but it can take months for your body to adapt to them. So it is important to stick to your commitments and continue to make the changes in order to see results. 


Do you know that saying "You are what you eat?"  It is very true. The very food you put into your body makes you the type of person you are.  In example, someone who drinks a lot of water and eats a lot of fruits, vegetables, healthy grains, and omega 3s is likely to be more active, see a doctor occasionally, be a better employee or student, and is overall happy with who they are.  While someone who eats a lot of fast food and sweets and drinks a lot of soda is likely to be overweight, less active, perform poorly at work or school ,get sick a lot, and is and is likely stressed or depressed.

While I believe that sometimes there is a need for medical attention, I am a firm believer and living proof that you can go years without having to see a doctor if you know how to care for your body.   I look at how all areas of your life are connected and how your lifestyle choices are contributing to your health.  Stress is the number one factor that most people deal with on a regular basis, even without realizing it and the truth is that it is the main reason we get sick.  Even when we eat well and exercise, we can still get very sick if we are stressed out.  And if we eat right but don't exercise, it's hard to lose weight or manage a a healthy one.  Is your child having trouble at school or home? It could be a good time to look at what he/she is eating and doing each day.


As your health coach, I will be your guide and support as you embark on this journey to healthy living.  We will work together to achieve your health goals.  During your time with me, you will develop a deeper understanding of the foods and lifestyle choices that work best for you, and implement changes to improve your health and keep it that way.



You are unique. You have your own look, your own personality, your own opinions, your blood type, and your own body chemistry.  Have you ever tried a new diet that has been successful for your best friend, but not for you?  Have you ever taken medication that you felt was doing the opposite of what it was supposed to or making you feel worse?  You're not alone.  This is all because your body chemistry is unlike any other.  No two bodies have the exact same body chemistry. Even identical twins have different body chemistry from the time they are born.  For this reason, each personal has his/her own food and lifestyle needs- biodiversity.  For this reason, not everything suggested to you will work, but as a health coach it is my job to monitor these results and help you figure out what will work for you and what won't.  I'll support you in making positive choices based on your preferences, lifestyle, needs and history.